About Us

Leistung Motorwerkes (German for Performance Motorworks) was founded in November of 2004 by Ken Peng and Tyler Malmborg of the University Of Florida. The club was initially started for BMW enthusiasts throughout the state of Florida to have a place for discussion and to organize automotive events, but have expanded to include most German car makes as well. Recently, we have expanded to offer lighting and styling products for BMWs. Aimed at modders who want their car to look its best, without breaking the bank, Leistung Motorwerkes develops quality and reliable products for prices below what you would expect.

Ken Peng, Co-founder & Webmaster – Originally from Pembroke Pines, FL, Ken is currently a student at the University of Florida, where he is pursuing his degree in Business Management. When he’s not being a BMW computer nerd, he can be often found bowling, eating at Chick-Fil-A, or on the phone with his girlfriend. He hopes to put his business degree to good use, while remaining active in the BMW community. Ken also enjoys long swedish massages.

Current Ride: 2004 BMW 330i

Tyler Malmborg, Co-founder – Tyler is also a student at University Of Florida, but he is originally from DeLand, FL. He is currently studying Electrical Engineering and hopes to one day build various little gadgets and wire up homes for a living. Tyler enjoys long walks on the beach, and a nice bag of orange slices.

Current Ride: 1996 BMW 328i