Car covers and why you need one right now

Car covers are one of those ingenious inventions that are so simple in their general design but with the technology of the 21st century and customization options, we find that everyone can find a car cover that is just right for you. Just like that pair of perfect fitting socks or right shade of nail polish for that Friday night outfit, your car can have a car cover that hugs it tight in winter, keeps the sweat out in summer, and protects it from the elements. You wouldn’t leave your dog outside in the rain without protection, why leave your other baby out without a car cover?

2016 presented us with a wide range of fabrics for car covers and a large portion which are sleek, innovative, and satisfying to the protective standards that all smart car owners adhere to. Car Auto Covers is the optimal place to find your car’s ultimate car cover and make all of your neighbors wonder how that spectacular car is looking under that car cover, just waiting for you to tear it off and take it for a spin!

Car covers are best known for protecting your wheels from the elements, which is ever more important these days with raising temperatures and fluctuations in weather. However a large amount of hazards that aren’t sent by Mother Nature can dint or scratch up your car without a car cover. What else can damage my car other than rain, wind, or birds? Car covers provide you with money-saving protection for your car from hazards like fingerprints, smudges, key scratches, dust damage, salt damage, pollen discoloration, and vandalism, damage from children, animal markings, theft, and general paint damage. Benefits you receive are cleaning the car less often, another money-saver, keeping your paint job looking pristine and preserving quality of the car for longer.


In this exciting day and age we can buy a car cover online at Car Auto Covers quick and easy all thanks to technology and great business practices. Similarly, we can get a variety of features from our car covers, making it easy to customize your car cover to your life. You can get a variety of protection layers, different colors that offer benefits like dust shielding and solar shielding, lightweight car covers, heavy-duty car covers, extra durable, indoor/outdoor options, and completely custom-made car covers. Features you can find for your car cover include; weather-proof, wind-proof, durable, breathable stitching, strong seams, reflective finishes, dust-proof, fleece lining, front and rear elastics, and hem and drawstring car covers. All of these features are available most commonly on fabrics such as Spunbond Polypropylene, PolyPro, PolyPro III, and Oxford cloth coated.  Accessories are also available attached to your car cover like storage bags and antenna pouches.

Your car has needs much like your garden or lawn and that even includes oxygen! Car covers now come in breathable fabrics which allow the right amount of oxygen through, keep unwanted guests at bay and allow your car cover to dry considerably faster than others. One thing you should be aware of when purchasing a car cover is that it’s the right fit. This is important because if your car cover is too loose it can actually allow dirt to get in between your car and your car cover, enabling it to scratch or harm your paint and finish. Remember the paint on your car is not very thick and allowing dust and dirt to sit on the surface can quickly turn abrasive causing micro scratches which you often won’t notice until it’s too late. Prevention is best and a car cover is the best preventative protection you can get for your car’s exterior.

Another great benefit that we mentioned earlier is car covers help protect you from theft. How you may ask, well let me tell you. Effort and intelligence are important to consider when thinking about a car thief as something as simple as a car cover could be enough to deter a thief who will almost certainly be short on time. Combining a car cover with other security features such as an alarm system, lock and cable, and parking in a safe area could be all you need to ensure the safety and preservation of your car.


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